Friday, April 16, 2010

Follow Up: Kick Ass

So tonight I saw the movie adaptation with my friends, and I find it fitting for me to say a few words about it.

It started out just as the graphic novel did, and stuck to it for more than half. Then the ending came, and it's as if Hollywood became the annoying friend no one really likes. They listen to their ideas only to shut them up. They included a romance plot and gave the ending lots of blood and explosions. Granted, it was more entertaining than the original, but at times a bit ridiculous.

Let's just say there was a whole jetpack-flying-over-the-city scene that was (let's be honest) gay.

Overall, I think people who haven't read the novel will enjoy the movie more than the people who did. I felt cheated out of the ending scene when Hit Girl didn't say her best line in the story. (Not gonna include it. It's kinda a spoiler.)


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