Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mini Review: Incognito

Unfortunately, it's hard to find a graphic novel that isn't part of a compilation or anthology. The majority of comics usually have to do with a superhero (or his super buddies) running around saving people and preaching their philosophy of "doing good".

Which, lucky for writers of that genre, I'm a sucker for.

But "Incognito" is different. The main character is an ex supervillan hiding out in Witness Protection, dealing with monotonous life and yearning for the old days of destruction and law-breaking.

Zach Overkill was once a member of a criminal organization known as Black Death, alongside other villains with unnatural abilities. After the death of his twin brother Xander, Zach is picked up by S.O.S (kinda like the super-hero-police-squad) and forced to live a normal life with a job in an office. But after a while, ordinary, boring life begins to drag him down and eventually he begins to return to his roots, meeting many old and villainous acquaintances along the way.

The artwork (done by Sean Phillips) has a 50's noir feel to them, similar to "Watchmen", but doesn't feel like it was taken from the days of "Spider Man" in the Sunday morning cartoons in the paper because the colors aren't as bright. Props go to the plot (by Ed Brubaker) for extremely maintained creative originality and unpredictability.

I found reading "Incognito" very fun, and seeing the world through a sarcastic, disgruntled ex- villain isn't something you do everyday.

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